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The Hidden Deliverable is Written Content

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What are the primary deliverables for most science, technology, and engineering professionals? If your team members would say, “research,” “product development,” or “services,” they’re likely leaving out some vital pieces. After all, research requires papers, process documents, and detailed notes. Product releases require data sheets, marketing collateral, and specification documents. And services come only after successful sales proposals or requests for proposals (RFPs).

Highly skilled employees such as scientists, engineers, and IT professionals often have years of study and experience in the skills they need to produce technical and service deliverables. Fewer are trained to produce these written deliverables, which are equally important.

For example, the core competencies of a successful scientist include scientific knowledge and research skills. But just as vital is the ability to write for publications, complete grants and applications, and compose research and teaching statements. Software developers are experts at writing code, but they also need the skills to write legible, organized help files and software-requirement specifications. Business pros can make or break customer relationships depending on their ability to write professional, polished emails. Are the professionals in your organization up to such tasks?

This is where writing training can help. The necessary skills can be learned, and there are proven methods to get the most out of your training budget. Competency-based training in skills such as developing an audience analysis, writing clearly and concisely, and developing industry-specific deliverables (standard operating procedures, RFPs) can benefit both your employees and your business.

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  • Less stress for employees
  • Fewer bottlenecks caused by procrastination
  • More successful campaigns
  • Higher rate of return on proposals
  • Fewer embarrassing errors
  • Happier clients

Effective writing training for scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals has several hallmarks:

  • Look for instructors who are willing to customize training to your industry and specific content.
  • Make sure trainers understand your business goals and the current and desired skill levels of your employees.
  • Seek recommendations from satisfied participants.
  • Ensure that your chosen trainer can provide sessions in a format that meets your needs, be it online, in person, one-on-one, to small or large groups, and so on.

Proven methods can be applied to writing as to any other hard skill. Training can help your employees meet all their deliverable deadlines on time, on budget, and on target.

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