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Feel Like a Fish Out of Water Without Cliches?

How many times have you heard the admonishment, “Avoid cliches in writing?” The advice opens up a can of worms because, even though it sounds good, it’s hard to create impact, synergize, and get buy-in for complex competencies with lots of moving parts. Most business writers are inclined to rely on leveraging robust ecosystems of […]

Boost Your Brain Power in the New Year

Did you know that children’s books have, on average, 50% more rare words than adult prime-time television programs? Texts at higher levels offer even higher percentages of words to challenge and engage your brain. If your resolution for 2016 is to improve your mind and your writing, the solution may be sitting on a shelf […]

Do You Reach for a Pencil or Pen?

Here are a few quirky facts about both. Pencil Pen A typical pencil can draw a line 35 miles long or write about 45,000 words. Most ballpoint pens will draw a line 4,000 to 7,500 feet long. Pencils have been painted yellow ever since the 1890s and today 75% of the pencils sold in the […]

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