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Good Writing Is an Essential Leadership Skill

Scientists, engineers, and other technical experts don’t just work behind the scenes anymore. They are essential to their organizations not just for the work they do, but also for their ability to communicate that work and its results to others. As such, they are de facto leaders of their organizations and in their fields. Many […]

Why Every Person on Your Team Should Be a Competent Writer

As Kyle Wiens, Chief Executive of iFixit, said in Harvard Business Review, “Good writing: Businesses claim to practice it, support it, and value it. But more often than not, their money isn’t where their mouth is. Poor grammar and jargon-riddled writing are rampant. We’re great at inventing terms … but poor at communicating what we actually […]

5 Strategies for Developing Confident Writers

People dislike writing for many reasons. Some think they simply don’t have the ability; others don’t feel that they have anything to say; still others feel it’s not as important as the other work they do. They procrastinate and then end up thinking they don’t have time to write. Here are five strategies to help […]

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