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Invest in Employees to Train and Retain

The struggle for talent is real! The U.S. Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey reports a peak 5.8 million job openings and an employment gain of 2.6 million positions. Talented new hires are in demand, and current jobholders have plenty of opportunities to explore greener pastures. How can you hold on to your top talent […]

You Can Teach Them, but Will They Learn?

Do your employees really take anything away from the training you provide? If you’re in charge of corporate training, that’s a question you may be asking as you plan your training programs for the coming year. Often, employees view corporate training as something they have to “get through” that will have little impact on them […]

Rise Above the Average with Custom Training

by MJ, Executive Consultant When I first entered the working world, training usually meant sitting through a series of videos about the company I had joined and the importance of customer service. Today, companies are investing a good deal of time and energy in training that’s not just company specific but job and skill specific. […]

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