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Consider Work Instructions for Consistent Outcomes

In our last blog, we covered the importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in maintaining quality, protecting the public and employees, and meeting compliance and security regulation demands. SOPs are vital documents that lay out the who, what, when, and where for important procedures in your industry or organization. But what about the “how” in […]

Understand the Case for Standard Operating Procedures

Deadly fires. Massive oil spills. Although technical or mechanical failures might play parts in such disasters and many others like them, another problem shares culpability: misused or poorly constructed standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOPs are integral parts of quality control and risk reduction. From aerospace manufacturing to pharmaceutical production and customer service practices, SOPs are […]

There’s a Better Way to Provide Writing Training

The human resources (HR) department is an integral part of most corporate organizations. Managing tasks from hiring (and firing) to analyzing organizational gaps and developing and administering corporate training, today’s HR experts often focus on driving competitive advantages for the company. But in certain situations, bringing in outside support to supplement your HR team is […]

Is Your Writing Training Effective Long Term?

In today’s economy, most business leaders know that every cent counts. So when you decide to invest in an internal company benefit such as business, scientific, or technical writing training for your employees, it’s important that you get your money’s worth both during and after the event. Few company decision-makers would devote resources to research, […]

Make Your Training Webinar Great

The webinar is an increasingly popular means of providing training. Webinars can be cost-effective because they eliminate travel and lodging costs. They can be convenient when scheduling is tight or groups are large or geographically dispersed. Many are interactive and provide the same level of instruction as traditional instructor-led training courses. But are they as effective as […]

Get Sticky: Help Employees Retain and Use What They Learn in Training

Training programs across all topics and industries have something in common: their instructors struggle for stickiness. If you’ve invested in training only to have your team members fall back into old habits or “forget” their new skills a few months after the big event, then you’ve faced the stickiness problem. When you’ve invested in training […]

Learn the Hard and Fast Fact About Writing

If your employees consider the writing they do for work “hard,” but your company considers it a “soft” skill, you might want to rethink your process. Certain scientific or technical skills fall clearly in the “hard skills” category. Knowledge of certain tools and software, the ability to create and understand engineering tables, and the skill […]

The Hidden Deliverable is Written Content

What are the primary deliverables for most science, technology, and engineering professionals? If your team members would say, “research,” “product development,” or “services,” they’re likely leaving out some vital pieces. After all, research requires papers, process documents, and detailed notes. Product releases require data sheets, marketing collateral, and specification documents. And services come only after […]

Why the ‘Just Do It’ Approach Doesn’t Improve Employees’ Writing Skills

In our previous blog post, we discussed an all too prevalent issue: the fact that technical and business professionals often lack the writing skills they need to complete necessary business documentation. How can your organization’s leaders help employees improve their writing? Nike might encourage us to “Just Do It,” but unfortunately, that isn’t always the […]

Writing on the Job: Are You Asking Too Much?

Ever heard of the actor’s nightmare? The term is used to describe a common stress dream in which you find yourself on stage without having memorized your lines or even knowing which play is being performed. Or perhaps you realize you’re late for the final exam in a class you don’t remember having attended. Or […]

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